The needs of an elderly person are different from the needs of a young person, and these differences range from food to the type of clothing. As people age they often experience changes in their skin, in the way they perceive the cold environment or the warm environment. For this reason, older adults also need a type of clothing that suits their needs.
Clothes have always been a fundamental part of the well-being of people in general. For this very important reason, seniors need to have clothes that suit their physical condition, according to the environment where they live and function, since having the right clothes will bring them peace of mind and make them feel safe in every moment.
As people age, they need their clothing to provide them with comfort, freedom of movement, and other features that benefit their health. With clothing appropriate to their functional capacity, the elderly can take care of themselves with less difficulty, and in this way they do not have to turn to other people, giving them that sense of usefulness that is so necessary.
So, depending on the type of clothing and footwear that older adults use, they can harm or benefit them in every way, either for comfort or simply so that they can feel good about themselves. Dressing appropriately and in accordance with the room temperature not only helps them improve their self-esteem but also benefits them, as we indicated, in their daily life.
For example, an older adult who lives in a place where the temperature is generally low, needs coats, clothes with which they can stay warm and that protect their skin from cold temperatures.
In our experience, we recommend clothing made of cotton and loose clothing for older adults. Clothing made of cotton is highly recommended for the elderly as it maintains a relatively stable temperature at the body level and, at the same time, absorbs sweat and any body fluid.

Cotton is a fairly comfortable, soft material and also avoids skin irritations, since as we mentioned at this age the skin is usually more delicate and prone to irritation.
Loose clothing is highly recommended for older people with some dependency. This type of clothing is ideal since it does not have any type of closures and allows air to circulate throughout the body. Clothing that is open is usually quite convenient.

Without a doubt, clothing is an important part of the lifestyle of each person throughout his life, and of course in the stage of old age it is no exception. An older adult who uses inappropriate clothing may feel unhappy and anguished, but if he wears appropriate clothing, he will experience tranquility, confidence and happiness.
There are different types of clothes for the elderly, both clothes to be at home, such as clothes for outings to restaurants, or comfortable clothes to exercise outdoors in the park. This type of clothing designed for the elderly, is designed to give them the greatest possible comfort, and at the same time has the ability to protect them from any skin condition.
It is best for older adults to wear clothes that allow them to move freely, uncomfortable and tight clothing should be avoided, since this type of clothing hinders blood circulation and its prolonged use can favor the appearance of certain problems health problems such as edema or joint problems. It is best to always choose a clothing that favors personal care and, in this sense, it is most advisable to wear loose clothing, since it avoids the aforementioned and also favors air circulation and ventilation.
Tight clothing can cause the following difficulties:

It hinders venous blood circulation, this results in difficulty in the return of venous blood and increased edema (Inflammation caused by the accumulation of fluids in the tissues of the body)

It prevents adequate mobility, therefore it affects some muscles.

If this type of clothing is commonly used, different types of joint problems and hernias can arise.

Varicose veins and cellulite can appear, due to the obstruction of normal blood circulation in the body that causes the veins to dilate.
Among the essential clothing to keep the elderly protected we find:

The coats
During the very cold months, it is essential that the elderly keep warm, since an exposure of the elderly to the cold can cause the appearance of colds and colds, with unpredictable consequences.
A good coat also provides an elegant and interesting profile and is a good companion on any occasion, giving older people a conservative look, especially embroidered sweaters or coats with lace.

Cotton clothes
Clothing made of cotton is one of the most recommended for older adults, since it maintains a relatively stable temperature, and also absorbs sweat, urine or other body fluids more quickly. The cotton fabric is highly recommended for summer, as it can easily absorb moisture from the body and helps keep it dry because it does not stick to the skin, allowing perspiration to evaporate into the air.
Cotton has the characteristics of being comfortable and soft. It is much less common to irritate sensitive skin and cause allergies. This is why most of the garments that they wear frequently and those closest to their body, such as underwear, are made of cotton.
Another advantage of cotton is that it is natural, machine washable, and can withstand multiple washes in hot water.

Baggy clothes
This type of clothing brings many benefits for the elderly, especially if that person due to age has lost part of their mobility. Older people need to feel comfortable, fresh, without any pressure.
Loose clothing is ideal to be at home, in the countryside, to stay in bed resting. Another benefit of loose clothing is that it gives users freedom of movement, and this is very important for older adults, they must feel completely comfortable to function and be able to perform their routine tasks.

Good footwear
Not only is it important to wear appropriate clothing, it is important to bear in mind that good footwear is essential for day-to-day life. Proper footwear helps to improve the quality of life of an elderly person, but it also facilitates good mobility and guarantees good circulation.
It is important that the shoe is stable with a stiff heel and the height must be sufficient for comfort. For the elderly it is recommended that the heel does not exceed 4 cm.
Shoes for the elderly must be closed at the back to prevent the foot from slipping out of the shoe. Rubber soles are recommended, since they adhere better to the ground and prevent slipping and finally, they must be of the appropriate number, so that they do not come off and at the same time provide the necessary amplitude so that the fingers can move easily and freely.

The most important thing will always be to think and understand that, for an older person, dressing appropriately and in accordance with the ambient temperature not only helps to improve their self-esteem, their daily life, but also helps to keep them relaxed and carefree.
There is no doubt that clothing improves a person’s quality of life, it can bring relaxation or also discomfort. Clothing is closely linked to the basic needs of a person, especially if that person is physically limited by some disease or because age has limited their physical actions.
It is essential that the elderly, their relatives or caregivers know what type of clothing is appropriate at this stage of life, since older people need comfort and an easier way to dress. With convenient, functional clothing, the older adult will feel more comfortable and have less difficulty dressing, and even the older adult can have a sense of independence and usefulness.
As people age, it is very important that family members or caregivers can be attentive to the emerging needs of the elderly. It is very important that family members care about the well-being of people