What are the clothes that doctors recommend for patients, here we show you

Special Patient Clothing is a clothing line designed for people with physical disabilities, the elderly or residents, who generally have difficulty dressing or undressing due to a disability to handle zippers, the type of buttons and zippers, or due to... Read More

Get to know the essential clothing to keep seniors protected

The needs of an elderly person are different from the needs of a young person, and these differences range from food to the type of clothing. As people age they often experience changes in their skin, in the way they... Read More

How to bring joy and happiness to your grandparents in times of Pandemic

When people enter the stage of old age it is important that they feel calm, that they feel happy and emotionally stable. It is essential that family members care about the well-being of their grandparents, since the quality of life... Read More

Yoga the art of relaxation we present everything you need to know

Weight loss, obtaining a strong and healthy body, flexible, showing smooth and shiny skin, and above all calming the mind, are just some of the different benefits that the practice of yoga leaves in a simple way , joint and... Read More

We present you the benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is undoubtedly an extraordinary treatment that uses water as the main agent to treat certain pathologies, it is also indicated either as a physical preparation to carry out a surgical intervention or also in the postoperative rehabilitation stage. It... Read More

Buy adaptable clothes in the city of Miami

Adaptive clothing is a line of clothing specially made for residents, the elderly and people with some type of physical disability, who have limitations to dress themselves due to a disability to handle zippers, buttons and zippers. These users find... Read More

Learn about the health benefits of mushrooms explained in 13 steps

Since ancient times it has been known that the fungus is a “nutritious” vegetable, including cultures around the world have consumed or used mushrooms as medicine for many centuries, its main origin being in Egyptian lands. That is, this food... Read More

What you should know about honey and health

The properties and benefits of honey have been known and used by different societies over time. At present this substance represents one of the most important primary natural sweeteners in the world, whose benefits range from a pleasant taste to... Read More

Benefits of a diet low in fat and sugar for the recovery of Covid-19

Adopting a balanced, healthy diet throughout life is essential to stay healthy, but in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic it is more urgent and intelligent since what we eat and what we drink can definitely affect the capacity of... Read More

We present you the benefits of Onion

Onion, in addition to being a basic ingredient in our cuisine and providing great flavor to food, hides a host of medicinal virtues between its layers. This vegetable has many properties and benefits for our health. The onion belongs to... Read More
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